Kids Training Programs – Training Options for Juniors and Children

Basic Children’s Introductory Training:

martial arts school for kids pittsburgh paThis is a basic introduction to Oom Yung Doe training for one, two or at most 3 months.  These lessons allow children to begin to learn the basics of punching and kicking, rolling and falling, as well as self defense.  The students will focus on some beginning techniques to develop strength and flexibility.  We are primarily interested in teaching students who wish to progress towards their goals by making a commitment towards reaching a black belt in Oom Yung Doe.

You Can Begin Training With Our Trial Program to Make Sure Our School is Right For Your Child.

Intermediate Black Belt Course

Children’s Degree Training  (National Level Training)

martial arts school for kids mt. lebanon paThese lessons develop the same areas as the Introductory training (Children’s Basic) but to a deeper level.   The students on this training will also begin to practice some of the more powerful open handed and weapons forms that make up Oom Yung Doe practice.  The development will be considerably faster and more long lasting than the (basic) Introductory lessons.  These committed students will also start to be taught individually at a higher level.  A student practicing diligently on this training program might expect to reach 1st Degree Black Belt (National Level) in at least 3 to 4+ years.

The pricing is based on the length of the training program commitment:  (We will grant a reduced price for those who make a longer commitment.)

Advanced   (Elite) For Students Who Are Committed to Reaching Black Belt and Beyond

Children’s and Juniors International Level Degree Training Program

martial arts school for kids squirrel hill paTraining towards a 1st or 2nd degree Black Belt recognized at the International Level.  This training is overseen by the International Level Teaching Team made up of 8th Degree black belts (the same persons who teach Instructors).   There are also lessons taught by the Regional Head Instructors and National Instructors about once per month.  One key principle of this training is that in addition to the lessons received daily, several times per year the students have the opportunity to learn from the most qualified instructors in the country.  To be recognized as International Level Black Belt by Oom Yung Doe Headquarters a student needs International Level Training Points.  Points are received after taking lessons and “Sae Gae Moo Doe” Seminars with the International Level Teaching Team.

See an Instructor for more details about this program.

This training is a path to reaching a higher level of mental and physical strength.   It is a longer commitment and it takes discipline and determination, but all of the students I have seen who have completed this training are proud and glad that they did so.  This is an option for students who, with the support of their family, are looking to reach a deeper level of development and set a foundation of physical and mental ability that can last a lifetime.

Championship Tournament Program

Additional training for Children and Juniors enrolled in the International Level Degree Training Program (5 Month semi-private coaching)

karate mt. lebanon paThis personalized training is created by the Master Level Training Teaching Team – you can learn directly from a traditional martial arts Master!  See an Instructor for more details about this program.   For those looking to challenge themselves to see how far they can reach in a short period of time to participate in an Oom Yung Doe local, regional or national tournament.   This training is supplementary  to the International Level Degree Training.  Students will receive lower rates on “Chung Dan Hyung” Training to learn a  weapon or empty hand form.    Anyone interested in demonstrating one of these forms in the tournament can receive individualized higher level training by electing to take a Championship Program.

International Level Degree Training Program

The highest level of training available in the school of Oom Yung Doe is the International Level Degree Training Program.

karate squirrel hill pa

Students training on this program receive training in all 8 Martial Arts that comprise Oom Yung Doe.

These International Level Training students are trained at 4 levels of instruction and their training is directed by and overseen by Certified International Level Instructors at the Local (2nd or 3rd degree), Regional (4th or 5th degree), National (6th or 7th degree) and Head International Level (8th or 9th degree).

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