Kids Training Programs – Training Options for Juniors and Children

4 to 5 year old Children’s Introductory Training

martial arts school for kids pittsburgh paThis is a basic introduction to Oom Yung Doe training.  These lessons allow children to begin to learn the basics of punching and kicking, rolling and falling, lower body stances, as well as self defense.  The students will focus on beginning techniques to develop strength and flexibility.



Children’s (age 6 to 10) and Junior’s (age 1 to 14) Black Belt Degree Training

martial arts school for kids mt. lebanon pa Students in this training will learn from each of the Eight Martial Art Styles.  Students will develop greater strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination. Mentally, students will develop greater focus, respect for self and others, confidence, patience, determination and self-discipline.  These qualities will enhance all areas of their lives, leading to greater success and fulfillment.  Students will also learn self-defense applications, allowing them to feel more secure and confident.

Participation and payments are handled on a monthly basis.  Those making longer commitments may be eligible for some fee reduction.


Kids Martial Arts Day Camp

The Squirrel Hill School offers two separate weeks of Day Camp for children ages 6 to 12.  Participants will learn Open Hand and Weapon Forms, Self-Defense, Udo (how to safely fall, roll, etc), and other Martial Arts skills.  In addition, participants will learn how to effectively respond to bullying, practice respectful assertiveness, learn beginning Chinese calligraphy painting, and enjoy fun games and activities.

The program will be held at the Murray Avenue School and also have one outdoors day in Schenley Park.  Students must bring their own lunches. The program will run from 9am to 3pm each day with an extra half-hour on each end for drop-off and pick-up.  The cost is $225 per camper, or $195 for currently enrolled students. There is a 10% discount for those enrolling in both sessions. There will be a limit of 15 students per session, so enroll early!

Session 1: June 17-21, 2019

Session 2: August 12-16, 2019

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Master Level Training Seminars

Dan Hyung Championship Programs

This personalized training involves learning Dan Hyungs taught by the Master Level Training Teaching Team. Students learn directly from a Traditional Martial Arts Master!  These longer and challenging forms (Hyung) more effectively develop speed, coordination, agility, strength and balance. These Open Hand or Weapon forms allow students to “specialize” in certain styles or skills. After being taught the form by a Master, students will continue to receive coaching from their Instructors. Children and Juniors in this Program can attend the weekly Championship Lessons on Saturdays at noon.  See an Instructor for more details about this program.

For those looking to challenge themselves even further, students can demonstrate these Dan Hyung forms in an Oom Yung Doe Local, Regional or National Tournament.  By participating in a Tournament, students are more motivated to practice and strive towards perfecting their movements, allowing greater development and increasing their confidence.




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